Eeveelutions Gods Flowers Floaties Sets ~ Paper Stickers

Eeveelutions Gods Flowers Floaties Sets ~ Paper Stickers

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Get your favorite Eeveelutions set also in Sticker Form now!

They can't wait to be sticked wherever you prefer! They will brighten up in an super cute way your Note books, Planners, Laptops... and more~

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Personal Use License
These Stickers is strictly for personal use, and can not be resold or redistributed in any other capacity ~ Thank you so much!

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{These designs are fan-made and we don't own the character}


✦5-7cm/1,9-2,7 inches approx
✦They are printed on quality matte sticker paper (not waterproof) and die cut by myself with love & care 🌸
✦They will be sealed in a plastic bag with original colored backing card

*Stickers' sizes and colors may vary.


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