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Bulbaneve & Bulbakura Enamel Pin ~ Bulbasaur with Sakura or Snowflake | Pokemon Collection | Fandom

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✦Colors can vary on each monitor and due to lighting

✦Each product is hand made and may have minor defects such as scratches, scuffs and air bubbles, misprintig, extra stitches, etc.


The adorable Gold Saur with a Sakura on his back, has now a precious friend! 🌸 Meet Bulbaneve in his Silver mise with a Snowdrop on his back! ❄
Choose your favorite or simply pick both~

They can't wait to go around with you, adorning your jacket, bags, clothing... anything! Or you can also display them as a collector's items! 🌸

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{These designs are fan-made and we don't own the characters}


✦3,5cm/1,4" approx
✦Gold or Silver Plating
✦2 Pink hearted or 2 White Rubber Backings


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✦ What does B Grade mean?✦

The "B grade" definition (when shown on the listing) is referred to a product with major defects and flaws such as scuffs, dents, air bubbles, uneven/lifted/overfilled enamel, dust/color specks, missing enamel or misplaced color, misprinting, irregular cuts, extra stitches, etc.

They can have one or more of the listed defects.