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Dark Rabbit | Acrylic Charm Keychain | Souls of Nature

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✦Colors can vary on each monitor and due to lighting

✦Each product is hand made and may have minor defects such as scratches, scuffs and air bubbles, misprintig, extra stitches, etc.


These little Sprites who inhabit the woods, are all still babies, but they can live for centuries as they are, before mutating their aspects. Most of them are
extremely shy and prefer to remain hidden revealing themselves only in extreme cases of necessities. But sometimes the bravest and most lively ones can be briefly seen fluctuating and swishing among trees, according to time of the day or geographical area. They can look all alike to novice's eyes, but their
appearance actually depends right on the places they wander and on the period of the day they're active the most.
They are so fascinated from the Earthly creatures that they often follow them along, remaining secret on the sidelines and silently observing...
Frequently lending themselves to rescue or help those who needs. Is rumored they can bring good luck with a single glance to whoever catches their eyes, even for a brief. And their touch have special healing powers~
If you manage to befriend them, they will accompany you for the rest of your life... wherever you go, with the aim of leading you the right way with a sprinkle of good Fate.

These goodies will make your stuff even cuter! Backpacks, jackets, pocuhes, belts and bags... You can put them and wear them wherever you want~ 

Show them off with pride or simply collect them as much as you can!

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✦Size: from 3cm/1,18in to 5cm/1,97in (roughly) according to the design
✦Frosted Black Acrylic
✦Black metallic Key-ring Hook

❕Please note that these charms have a special Frosted coating on the acrylic which is a lot more visible in person that in photos (but you can already have an idea looking at the close-ups pictures of each charm). The coating is not removable, but you can always add a transparent adhesive film or spray on them, so they will look glossy and loose the frosted aspect.


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