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Oncilla Enamel Pin ~ Cute Nature Collection

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✦Colors can vary on each monitor and due to lighting

✦Each product is hand made and may have minor defects such as scratches, scuffs and air bubbles, misprintig, extra stitches, etc.


Now after months since the catastrophe first hit the forest, the Amazon is still burning at an alarming rate. 12 million hectares of forest have been reduced to ashes.

Do you know that lots of wild creatures and people are still in true danger and without a home?! If you choose to buy this pin, you are choosing to help the entire Amazonian ecosystem, thus our planet and yourself! Yes, because it has a hugely crucial role in the GLOBAL ecosystem! The Amazon Rainforest not only is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, but it's also our planet's lungs since it is responsible for 20% of the oxygen supplies in the Earth's atmosphere! If we don't do something right away, things can only get worse~

We will donate part of the proceeds to help Rainforest Trust reforesting, healing and fix the damage (at least in part...) 🌸
For over 30 years Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife.
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Getting these pins, not only will make your stuff even cuter! ( backpacks, jackets, pouches, belts and bags... you can put them and wear them wherever you want ), but you will also be able to say that you have actively participated in the preservation of our beautiful planet with something that attests it in your hands!

Show them off with pride and spread the word!

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✦Hard Enamel
✦Gold Plating
✦Teal Rubber Backings


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✦ What does B Grade mean?✦

The "B grade" definition (when shown on the listing) is referred to a product with major defects and flaws such as scuffs, dents, air bubbles, uneven/lifted/overfilled enamel, dust/color specks, missing enamel or misplaced color, misprinting, irregular cuts, extra stitches, etc.

They can have one or more of the listed defects.